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Hi, I’m Taran, a Writer/Creative Director that turned a small idea into a broadcast TV series, invented a device that changed blood donations, took on bankers during the recession, donated thousands of kids books with First Book Canada, and created the first reality video game ever. My work has spread globally with zero paid media, garnering a haberdashery of recognition and awards.

But in the end, I love ideas. If you do too, let’s chat. 

Blood Sport Gaming

A device that sucks real blood intravenously when you die in a video game and then donates it to the Blood Bank.

GM School

The one-hour reality TV series broadcast to replace an old man’s gut decisions in the NBA with data equipped hotshots.

Shoot The Banker

The viral hit that lets users shoot a banker with a real paintball gun live over the internet to get ‘recession revenge’. 

The Day He Found H

With First Book Canada, we were able to donate thousands of our illustrated book ‘The Day He Found H’ to kids nationally. 

Spark To Shelf

The 3 episode reality show where Black Female Entrepreneurs pitch their products to be put on Walmart shelves.  

New Humanz

The internationally published comic book series about a little girl in the future trying to get her human body back.  

The Walmart Drive In

The pandemic put theaters on lockdown, so we brought Hollywood’s biggest movies back in Walmart Parking Lots with the help of Drew Barrymore.

The FCC Porn Scrambler

A Chrome plug-in to see the future of the Internet when Net Neutrality is lost and the cable companies control our content again. 


Now United

Nature needs us now – so we went with Simon Fuller’s latest pop group Now United to India to spead our message. 

Prank House

The first reality video game ever. Control live robotics that effect the show from your own home.

Kid’s Help Phone

Kids react to shocking messages Kid’s Help Phone gets everyday. 

Knight Guardians

The internationally published comic book series about a future world that reflects our modern day dystopia. 


CGMagonline – 8.5/10, ComicAsylum – 4/5

Being Captain with Ernie 

An offbeat comedy about Ernie Els teaching 3 fictional captains to win with their terrible teams.

VR Video Game

A first person sci-fi VR video game where you protect the ‘temple of time’.


NHL Battles From The Benches

A VR video game that lets you be the coach in a San Jose Sharks game. 

Keep It In Your Pants

We got a major Telecom to tell you to ‘keep it in your pants’. 

The Greatest Connection

Bringing families estranged for decades together at Christmas.