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I’m a writer by trade, that gets the Internet excited with my inventions. Everything from live-streaming robotics to a video game device that sucks real blood. My work is continually in the press, and the comment sections are always enjoyably polarizing. In the end I love ideas. If you do too, let’s chat.

Blood Sport Gaming

A device that sucks real blood intraveneously when you die in a video game and then donates it to the Blood Bank.

Kid’s Help Phone

Kids react to shocking messages Kid’s Help Phone gets everyday. 

The FCC Porn Scrambler

A Chrome plug-in to see the future of the Internet when Net Neutrality is lost and the cable companies control our content again. 


Knight Guardians

The killer new series available in all major comic book stores.


CGMagonline – 8.5/10, ComicAsylum – 4/5

Prank House

The first reality video game ever. Control live robotics that effect the show from your own home.

New Humanz

A new sci-fi series available in all major comic book stores.

Shoot The Banker

The viral hit that lets users shoot a banker with a real paintball gun live over the internet. 

Keep It In Your Pants

We got a major Telecom to tell you to keep it in your pants. 

VR Video Game

A first person sci-fi VR video game.


The Greatest Connection

Bringing families estranged for decades together at Christmas.