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“Chadha’s ability to create a slew of characters that add life, intrigue and an air of complicated mystery is impressive.  It shows a level of writing that most strive for but fail to achieve.” – The Comic Hunter

For Riley & Sadie, putting their lives back together happens piece by robotic piece. New Humanz is a story about body identity and humanity in a future where synthetic parts give you limitless forms and functions.


“Chadha’s ability to create a slew of characters that add life, intrigue and an air of complicated mystery is impressive.  It shows a level of writing that most strive for but fail to achieve. Add to that, Ruben Rojas’s art is absolutely stunning. He mixes over exaggeration with damn near perfect line work, showing a level of sophistication that I am unused to seeing in most of the industry.” – The Comic Hunter | FULL REVIEW

“New Humanz is set in Titan1Studios’ Relativity Universe and is about a mother and daughter struggling to maintain their humanity in a world and time they weren’t born in. Though the book is full of action, suspense, and a futuristic world, the real heart of the story is Riley and Sadie. A must read if you are looking to start a good story with strong female characters and a futuristic setting.” – Chris Campbell – Comicosity | FULL REVIEW

“New Humanz #1 is a well-crafted initial issue of a four part mini-series. It has most of what you could ask for from a first issue. There is heavy, traumatic action which catapults our heroes into an unknown world and future. Yet, the action doesn’t stop there. It explodes once more in the last two-thirds of the comic, giving readers not only a page turner but also a solid cliff-hanger ending. New Humanz is definitely worth a read. The storyline combined with quality artwork makes it an issue not to be missed.” – CGMagazine Online (8/10) | FULL REVIEW

“New Humanz is a well-written fast-paced new series with intriguing ideas that leave the reader wanting to learn more about this futuristic world and the tough mother trying to protect her daughter in the middle of it all.” – All-Comic