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“I scoured my comic store for the next ‘Game of Thrones’ and found this.” – CGmagazine

A futuristic story of human endeavor and strength, pitted against the inherent weaknesses and conflicts that make our species both great and flawed.

“Futuristic, complex, and endlessly imaginative, The Knight Guardians series introduces you to the Relativity Universe: a distinct, character-driven epic set in a future reshaped by time travel after the fallout of a 4th world war” – CGMagazine


The well-drawn characters are complex and diverse in both their appearance and personality. The Knight Guardians themselves boast a roster riddled with characters from all over the world.” – Tyler Edwards at CGMagazine Online (8.5/10) | FULL REVIEW

Writers Gareth R. Roberts and Taran Chadha have created an engaging narrative that features mystery and action wrapped up neatly in a time traveling/sci-fi package. Roberts and Chadha introduce some of the Guardians via flashbacks and also provide the framework around the do’s and dont’s surrounding time travel. It’s an interesting case of world building and Roberts and Chadha do a good job of mixing science, adventure and human frailty in their script.” – Comic Asylum | FULL REVIEW

“Titan1Studios’ Relativity Universe has been conceived from the start to meet this (long over-due) need by honoring a spectacular array of talented and distinct voices, and building a strong foundational network of interesting, smart, and fiercely independent women characters within its five comic series” – Muriel Cooksey at CG Magazine online | FULL REVIEW