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Hi, I'm Taran, Taran, Tarzan, Tarantino, Tarantula, Taranosaurus, Tay Diggs, Mr. T, Tiny Dancer, Taran? a creative director and writer.

My mission is to challenge the status quo with strange new possibilities so that the world finds a more meaningful future.

So far I’ve shocked global press with my blood donation invention, used robotics to give people recession revenge, co-created a network TV series for equity, explored taboo topics with comic books and created the first reality video game ever.

My work has been recognized and awarded around the world, seen as everything from “a dystopian nightmare” (Fast Co.) to “everyone is a winner” (Vice).

When I’m not doing all that, I’m making short films with my baby against his will.

Client: The Spanish Blood Bank            Role: Inventor/Creative Director 


Discovering the next generation of GMs with a reality TV series.

Client: SAP            Role: Head Writer/Creative Director 


Exploring body identity with a sci-fi comic series.

Publisher: Titan 1 Studios            Role: Writer


Bringing movie theaters back to everyone during the pandemic.

Client: Walmart            Role: Creative Director 


Making electric cars ubiquitous

Client: GM            Role: Creative Director 


Taking 40 million people to the Superbowl in Fortnight.

Client: Verizon            Role: Creative Director


Getting recession revenge with a robotic paintball gun over a live webcam. 

Company: Olly Apps (Co-owner)            Role: Inventor/Creative Director 


Protecting remote nature chosen by Now United’s fans.

Client: SAP/Now United            Role: Creative Director 


Inventing the first ever reality video game so everyone can influence play.

Company: Olly Apps (Co-owner)            Role: Inventor/Creative Director 


Using a time travel comic series to explore issues today.

Publisher: Titan 1 Studios            Role: Writer 


Scrambling Internet Porn to save Net Neutrality. 

Client: Personal Project            Role: Co-creator/Creative Director 


Helping Black entrepreneurs get their products onto Walmart shelves.

Client: Walmart            Role: Creative Director


Creating a VR video game to bring fans into the world of a comic series.

Studio: Titan 1 Studios            Role: Writer/Creative Director 


Using a golf legend to demonstrate the power of data.

Client: SAP            Role: Creative Director


The VR video game that lets you be an NHL coach.

Client: SAP            Role: Creative Director






Spacecadet | Freelance Creative Director | 2023 – Present
Various | Freelance Writer/Creative Director | Toronto 2022 – 2023
Momentum Worldwide | Creative Director | New York 2018 – 2021
The RAID studios | Freelance Writer + Creative Director | Toronto 2014 – 2018
Shopify | Freelance Writer/Creative Director | Toronto 2018
Cineplex | Freelance Creative Director | Toronto 2017
Titan1Studios | Freelance Writer + Creative Director | Toronto 2017
Ogilvy | Freelance Creative Director + Partnership | Spain 2016
Kids Help Phone | Freelance ACD + Director | Toronto 2016
Free Society | Freelance ACD | Toronto 2016
Edelman | Freelance ACD | Toronto 2015 – 2016
GMR | Freelance ACD | Toronto 2015 – 2016
TAXI |Senior Writer | Toronto 2013
Toronto Distillery Co | Freelance Creative Director | Toronto 2012
Olly Apps + Smashbot | Creative Director | Los Angeles 2009 – 2011
Miami Ad School | Teacher |  Los Angeles 2010
Rethink | Writer |  Vancouver 2009
JWT | Writer | New York 2008
BBH | Freelance Creative | New York 2008
180 Amsterdam + McCann Erickson | Intern | Amsterdam 2007
Miami Ad School + FIU | Master’s Degree | Miami 2007
Lion’s Gate Studios | Camera Operator | Vancouver 2005
Ealing Studios | Director’s Assistant | London 2004
UBC | Film + Writing Bachelors | Vancouver 2004


RAID volume 2
comic book anthology published by the RAID Studios

RAID volume 1
comic book anthology published by the RAID Studios

Knight Guardians of Relativity
comic book series published by Titan1Studios

New Humanz
comic book series published by Titan1Studios

Pioneers of Relativity
comic book series published by Titan1Studios

The Day He Found H
children’s book, 5000 copies distributed by First Book Canada

Holmes Inc. Volume 4
comic book anthology published by Ty Templeton

300 page self-published graphic novel


Vice // Time // Adweek // Fast Company // NBC news // Popular Mechanics // The SPACE Channel // Yahoo News // Sunrise 7 News // Nerdist //
Adrants // Creativity // CNet // Geekologie // Buzzfeed // Gawker // Strategy // Huff Post // ABC // MSN news // Engadget // IGN // Digital Spy //
Polygon // Kotaku // The Telegraph // Business Insider // Digital Trends // CGMagonline // IGN // The Mary Sue // BGR // NY Daily News //
Gamespot // Engadget // Official Youtube Partner with 5000+ subscribers


GM School
Hashtag Sports – Best Content or Series

Battles From The Bench
Hashtag Sports – Best Use of Immersive Media

Blood Sport Gaming
Next to Watch 2017
Cristal Award – Silver
IAB Spain Festival Inspirational Gold – Digital Installations
El Sol Silver – Public Service
El Sol Bronze – Events
El Sol Bronze – Product Design | Experiential

Fortnight Stadium
Webby Winner
Andy Award Winner
Gerety Awards – Gold in Entertainment
D&AD – Wood Pencil
One Club – Merit Honor
Hashtag Sports – Finalist

TELUS – Keep It In Your Pants
Marketing Mag Awards – Bronze

RAID Anthology #1
Gene Day Award – Nominated

Sad Bear
TIFF – Official Selection