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Director’s Reel

Sometimes in addition to creative directing and writing, I direct videos on small budgets that get attention. Because it’s more fun that way. 

Kid’s Help Phone

Kid’s react to shocking messages Kid’s Help Phone gets everyday.

Kid’s Help Phone

Bloodline actor Mia Kirshner relives her experiences with bullying. 

Kid’s Help Phone

Stories of the most difficult calls Kid’s Help Phone gets.

Blood Sport Gaming

The viral kickstarter video sensation that blew up in the press. 

Prank House

The first reality video game ever with millions of views. 

Shoot The Banker

The online hit where you shoot a banker with a paintball gun. 


An animated video of a new app platform. 

Knight Guardians

A short promo for the new comic book series. 


A video showing students how to get creative with one book.