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The 1st Reality Video Game Ever

Prank House is the first Reality Video Game where you can control robotics remotely via the internet to compete alongside celebrities to outwit, outsmart, and outprank your competition. In the first 5 days of the test launch, there were over 70K registered Prank House users. That’s more than Facebook had. Prank House generated an audience on Youtube of over 5.3 million collective views in its first week. The average user watched 27 minutes daily. Prank House was picked up by dozens of news networks across the world. It became a Trending Topic on Twitter on the second day.

Remote Interaction Technology

Prank House filming was postponed on the fifth day of the initial launch after we entered into negotiations with a studio to bring the interactive project to TV for live broadcast. We locked 12 internet celebrities in a warehouse with over 30 live streaming cameras and let the world mess with them.